Singer-Songwriter, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Kingston, Ontario – a seasoned veteran of the grassroots, independent music scene in Canada.

My passion is playing in listening rooms (e.g., house concerts) and community music (farmers’ markets, festivals, song-circles). I am a mental health advocate (and survivor) who is witness to the power of music as medicine and in building communities full of love and compassion. And so, I often play sing-along gigs to entertain, engage and bring joy to folks in facilities for long-term care, mental health and addictions.

I am writing songs for my fourth studio album, Almost There, which will be released in 2017. My catalog of music includes three albums:

  • Kick The Moon (1998. Produced by Bill Garrett. My first solo work)
  • Dead & Crazy People (1992- Two-Penny Opera. Produced by John Switzer)
  • Loose Marbles in a Big Wooden Box (The duo Two. 1988. Produced by Ian Tamblyn)

Kick The Moon and Dead & Crazy People, and the single Working Woman are available on CD Baby (Loose Marbles coming soon):